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Report summary

Take data and add a lot of knowledge about website performance and building software. That's the report summary.

This is part 1 of An introduction to SiteImp Reports, an 11 part series about SiteImp audits, designed to help you learn more about your new SiteImp report. If you would like to follow along, you can download it here. (Note - it will open in a new tab.)

The first section of the report, after the table of contents, is the report summary. Your report summary is where the data and my knowledge come together. I’m doing this on my own right now so I’ll be writing every single summary for the foreseeable future. The report summary is where my experience/overall knowledge and the data come together. I’ll make some recommendations and even give you simple code when the situation warrants. I built SiteImp and know it intimately, so I’m usually really good at figuring out major problems with your website.

When you open the sample report on this site, you will see a big run on paragraph that I wrote about my site’s problems with cumulative layout shift. I think you’ll notice how shocked I am. The sheer magnitude of having to actually show these results in my first tutorial hit me and I was really upset with my decision to be completely transparent about SiteImp.

There will usually be paragraphs and it will usually cover more than just cumulative layout shift. However, I think you’ll understand when you see how bad CLS was in the next article.

Next article

I’m going to cover the average scores report. This report shows an average of the scores that SiteImp calculated for each page of your website.

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