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First Look - Broken Links Report

Published on
I finished testing the broken links report and wanted to give everyone a look at what it contained. It's nothing fancy and really just presented data I already had. - Read the article

Next Release

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SiteImp has been out for a little over a week. I just finished a marketing sprint so now I'm back doing another technical sprint. For this sprint, I'm working on providing information on how to improve your website's accessibility scores. And I'm also working on a really good, fast broken link report. Read for more details about the future of SiteImp. - Read the article
A few days ago, I ran a SiteImp audit on and was amazed by how poor the results were. I knew exactly what the problem was - I had made some last minute changes while pushing the code into production and failed to test them in development, so I knew the exact CSS that was the problem. Rather than just make the changes, I decided upon a partial rebuild that completely transformed how this site performed. Read the story of the 90 minute partial rebuild. - Read the article

Welcome to Siteimp

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The Siteimp blog is live - I committed the code, ran a Siteimp report on it and my site is fast enough to launch to blog. For now, this will be a founder's blog - I'll use it as a place to share everything I learn about web performance. I hope you can use the material I write and build really amazing web experiences. - Read the article