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This is part 4 of An introduction to SiteImp Reports, an 11 part series about SiteImp audits, designed to help you learn more about your new SiteImp report. If you would like to follow along, you can download it here. (Note - it will open in a new tab.)

Last article

Last article, I wrote about the all pages report. Which as the name suggests shows all the pages on your report and the scores we calculated.

This article

This article, we’re going to talk about the full site recommendations report.

SiteImp runs performance tests against each page in your website and comes up with recommendations for each page. One of SiteImp’s biggest goals is to help you prioritize what changes to make for the biggest return on your investment in improved website performance.

The page calculates the most common problems across all your pages. It looks for big mistakes in site templates that slow down every page in your site. Think of it as a list of things to change in your head.html or footer.php files.

Since these tend to be major, site level changes they tend to be quite fast and the return on investment is high. You can change a couple of lines and profit from it.

Next article

Next article, we’re going to look at the average metrics report. This report looks at the average of all the metrics the SiteImp report runs. On their own, they’re not very compelling but they are very powerful when you run a report, make changes and want to measure how significant your changes were.

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