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This is part 7 of An introduction to SiteImp Reports, an 11 part series about SiteImp audits, designed to help you learn more about your new SiteImp report. If you would like to follow along, you can download it here. (Note - it will open in a new tab.)

Last article

Last article, we talked about the page scores report. A simple report you can use to take another look at the core eight scores we track across all sites.

This article

This article is about the page recommendations report. Like the name says, it’s full of ways to make your pages either smaller or just faster. As you work through the report, you may start to feel overwhelmed by the number of things you can work on. When that happens, go back to the beginning and look at the really big problems that plague the majority of your pages. They’re so fundamental to your page loads that they’ll not only take a lot of items off each report and speed up your website.

If you’re following along with my report, you’ll see that I don’t have any recommendations on how to save time. Instead, my recommendations are all about reducing unused CSS. I’ll cover that in a future blog article.

Next article

Up next, we’re moving to a very important part of the report. The page composition report is focused on how big your pages are. It talks about the bytes, what they are and where they come from. So if your site is really slow, you’ll get a good idea what you can cut from this next page.

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