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Explore how individual pages stack up in performance, accessibility and core web vitals.

This is part 6 of An introduction to SiteImp Reports, an 11 part series about SiteImp audits, designed to help you learn more about your new SiteImp report. If you would like to follow along, you can download it here. (Note - it will open in a new tab.)

Last article

Last article, I wrote about the average metrics report. The average metrics report shows the average of all the metrics we collect for every page in your website. It’s most useful when you run a report, make big site wide changes and then run another report. It will help you really quantify how much your changes improved your website’s overall performance.

This article

This article, we’re going to start digging into the individual page reports. As previously mentioned, SiteImp runs performance tests across your entire website. The indidual page reports give you a lot of detailed information on each one of your pages.

The first individual page report that we’re going to look at is the page scores report. It gives you one page’s scores in the same core eight areas we defined earlier. Here are the scores from from the report run on January 9.

Page level performance measured on during a Siteimp audit run on January 9, 2022. Performance and cumulative layout shift are poor for both mobile and desktop displays.

Scores measured on during a Siteimp audit run on January 9, 2022

As you can see, the performance on isn’t great - that cumulative layout shift score is indicative of a problem that I’ll blog about in a few days.

Next article

From scores to recommendations, our next article is going to cover the page recommendations report. Learn some ways you can either speed up your page or make it smaller.

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