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SiteImp Performance Audits

Start with fast, meticulous data collection. A custom crawler visits your site, makes a list of all the pages it can find and triggers performance tests to run on each page. From there, SiteImp collects the data, analyzes it and builds a report full of information on how your website performs and suggestions how you can back it perform even better.

Unlike other performance audit tools, SiteImp looks at your entire site and analyzes each page in relationship to others, so it can come up with full site recommendations that can uncover subtle issues in how your website's template is constructed.


SiteImp Pricing

One report
  • Schedule the crawl and performance testing during your website's slowest period so it doesn't interfere with customer experience.
  • One highly detailed report.
  • Customized recommendations and strategies written by the person who built SiteImp.
Two reports
  • Schedule the first crawl and performance during your website's slowest period.
  • Receive a highly detailed report full of customized recommendations and strategies from the person who built SiteImp.
  • Schedule the second crawl after you've had time to implement the strategies in the report.
  • Receive a second report with more fine grained strategies to get even more performance out of your site.
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  • Performance testing as a service.
  • Run tests on your schedule or as part of your build process.
  • Use our dashboards/reports or use the API to build your own.
  • Custom development time, including custom tests and payloads.