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First Look - Broken Links Report

Working on the future

As I mentioned last article, I’m working on adding more information on broken links and accessibility to SiteImp reports. Well, I finished the part on broken links and decided to show it off/request feedback now! Here it is:

Our newest feature is a broken links report. This is a picture but we'll give you a fully accessible version.

The broken links report. Obviously, I spent days coming up with the name...

It’s simple and there are already lots of great tools for checking broken links. But I prioritized this in my development for a couple of reasons. First off, I collect the data and might as well share it. It seems funny not to share data that might help someone who doesn’t know any other tools because there are other tools.

And second, building a detailed link graph is a big part of automating load testing. So I had to do some work on how I collect and analyze link profiles on individual page and site wide levels.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.