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Welcome to Siteimp

It's live.

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I just pushed code, ran a Siteimp report (my site passed) and the blog is live.

For now, I’ll be the only contributor and I want to use this as a place to share everything that I learn about web performances, scrapers and performance testing at scale. I don’t really believe in secrets so I’ll share everything I can. My hope is that you’ll use this material to accomplish something cool. Whether you want a really fast website so you can make a lot of money or start a Siteimp competitor because you dig the idea, I hope this blog helps you.

Life is freakishly short and we don’t get any do overs. Life is live. Live every moment of it.

My dream is to build a resource that digital marketers can use to learn ops. Google Analytics took web analytics, made it accessible and turned digital marketers, ecommerce entrepreneurs and bloggers into data analysts. Now I want to help them become dev ops professionals. Frankly, they need to be. The web is complicated and web performance is a huge part of search engine results. Digital marketers have to learn to build fast web applications and host them on secure servers. They have to learn how to test and monitor their applications without slowing them down in production. That’s already been invented…it’s called dev ops.

Now let’s have fun. Life is live. Time to do.