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A quick note from the founder

SiteImp started life as automated scripts I ran as part of my testing rig. Those scripts helped me build far better software - not only was it faster but SiteImp gave me powerful insight into how my applications performed at load.

Because of its roots, I can be extremely flexible in how I deliver the data to you. It all starts in json and I have a working Excel implementation. But if you have more ideas, I would love to get them working.

Site -

Average scores (across all 4 pages)

Cumulative Layout Shift81.7545.25
First Input Delay9091.5
Largest Contentful Paint96.2596.5

The mobile version is quite good, but the desktop version performs relatively poorly. Cumulative layout shift is a big problem on 3 of the 4 pages that the crawl found. This report is also notable because I built FormImp and ran the report to optimize's performance. Despite that, I thank myself for being my customer??? Marketing is funny.

Site - Second Siteimp Report

Average scores (across all 27 pages)

Cumulative Layout Shift100100
First Input Delay97.797.1
Largest Contentful Paint96.696.4

This report showed me how powerful SiteImp really is. One report and about 90 minutes of development time created these scores.

Site - - first report

Average scores (across all 5 pages)

Cumulative Layout Shift41.627
First Input Delay96.897.4
Largest Contentful Paint96.296.2

This report taught me humility and adherence to my own methods. is the first site I've pushed in a long time without running siteimp first. The performance is absolute garbage.