Website performance audits and tools

Average metrics reports

Raw numbers that SiteImp collects while it is testing your pages.

This is part 5 of An introduction to SiteImp Reports, an 11 part series about SiteImp audits, designed to help you learn more about your new SiteImp report. If you would like to follow along, you can download it here. (Note - it will open in a new tab.)

Last article

Last article, I wrote about the full site recommendations report. The full site recommendations report digs into all your pages and compares recommendations to uncover the site wide problems that plague all your sites.

These are usually base template problems in files like head.php, scripts.html or footer.php.

This article

This article, we’re going to talk about the average metrics report. This report isn’t particularly useful on its own, though you’ll be able to see the raw figures the report uses to come at some of the more crucial scores.

You’ll get the most value out of this report if you get into a flow where you run a report, make some changes, get improved results with a second report and want to see the exact numbers that helped create the improvements.

Next article

We have left the full site part of SiteImp audit reports and we’re going to start talking about the individual reports that SiteImp generates for every page. Next article, we’ll start off with the page scores report.

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